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The Bohemian

As the car turns the corner the new street accessed is in full view . A building of usual structure comes into focus .The design is striking, different in appearance and impression from the usual. As we continue slowly towards what seems like a dead end my focus on driving is shared only with my interest in this building that has caught and held my attention. I was in love with the design .  Up in the air as if stretching not reaching upwards . Two stories high , but not in the iced cake nor castle style architecture my eyes have become used to .
This was reminiscent of a tree house . The upper flat awakened memories of an Eco – friendly home miles into the swampy marsh of a partly uninhabited beach in South America . The quiet and mostly green expanse around the house completed this picture .

In the other parts of this community that we had driven through a little earlier a similar environment prevailed however , at that time my opinion of the area was the same as the thought voiced by another occupant of the car . “Too far away from the city and a little too secluded .” This house had changed my opinion and outlook . The area now held an unexplainable attraction . The environment echoed sweet sounds of good will . The simple elements of nature ; cool breeze, warm earth and its bounties formed a special bond that soothed . A special feeling of freedom in the unspoiled outdoors erupted in me .

Someone’s words drew my attention to two large fierce looking dogs approaching the stairs I was ascending , I quickened my steps with a watchful eye on the dogs who to my relief soon made it clear that they where not interested in a confrontation with our party . I walked through an open door and was again in love .

The inner ambiance was equally or even more arresting . The image and sensations of entering a warm bright log cabin concealed high on a mountain completely wraps your mind . This setting is aroused maybe by the rustic colors of the “old wood”(rough brown color) on large pieces of the wall . The clean smell of green and cool air bounced in and around the room . My mind immediately responded to this forceful imagery with a congruous picture of a large body of water and small paddle boats out back . Walking through the home there is a feeling of some adherence to artistic minimalism.  The simple but adequate furniture blend smoothly into the setting . All pieces seem at ease and made for the space occupied . Nothing jumping into view nor competing for attention, instead they compliment each other , harmonizing to show the gentle beauty produced by simplification of form and color

As evening approaches and the party nestles indoor there is a subtle heightening of sensitivity . As the lights are turned on a pensive air fills the room. A feeling of calm prevails over all else . The lights soft and yellow illuminate just enough leaving some areas with a grey overtone that impels the mind to focus inward. The tones of brown are even more prominent at this time , they come to life enriching the warmth and seamless flow of right energy exuded . The unique staircase amidst this artistic largess is certainly an interesting piece with its twisted treads winding their way up to a Rubik cube intermediate platform . This piece effortlessly draws my gaze over and over , as I struggle to find the fitting memory that it stirs .

I surrender to the moment and my mind is filled with memories influenced by the vibrations of my surroundings. My being slowly relaxes into the special feeling turned on by a late night walk down Manhattan’s East Village (made safe in my mind) black and white shades accompany my every move as I am urged on by the lights from the commercial nameplates and closed store fronts . Stories real and imagined are hatched by these pictures. My eyes moisten as I touch my ears as if to allow more of the crooning voice of a cabaret singer to enter and create the slow pull and soft release rhythm that her music plays with my body.

The memories fade as my mind settles and adjusts to the intense pleasure satiating it from the energy radiating in the room , engulfing my body limb after limb . I am present with the buzz of conversation but my elementary consciousness rest with paints, leaves, words and music . The end of a short creative drought .
The energy is so good , it swells in the atmosphere charging you with sensual delight . Everything, the furnishings the architectural design and the external environment all come together to cocoon the invited in a smoky, musing , free , placid and timeless space. The charges from these walls  take you from a visit to an old Berbice village home , to the loft of a 1970s So Ho artist .

This is a different experience , different from the museum of priceless objects (homes) seen at times . Sometimes tastefully displayed , other times assaulting the senses.
Here is a structure of quiet good taste that not only compliments its environment and enables the surroundings to show off its natural beauty, but also effortlessly changing someone’s outlook and perception of an area . This home with its many charms, has an intoxicating effect . It seamlessly transports you from one experience to another . It wraps you in a blanket of serenity and fills you with a gentle peace. Your senses are ignited and you leave with heightened awareness