Who hasn’t heard of acupuncture? Most persons  have I assume, and I venture to say with various levels of understanding. Some, like me, know fairly little about this procedure but may at sometime have this treatment as an option for an annoying ache or some other ailment. I have for sometime now been plagued with a pesky lower back ache, the type that visits at odd times in your life, like on one of the busiest months of the year, or the day of your great niece’s wedding.

The pain from my latest visit was at its peak and I decided to try, no not acupuncture, but  consultation with a natural medicine practitioner .  This of course was decided on after consultations with a conventional specialist  yielded no relief and no serious findings.  I approached the exercise with caution but at the same time comfortable since the practitioner was recommended by someone I trust with these matters, however a little while into the consultation  some of   this comfort  soon disappeared when acupuncture was suggested . The procedure was painstakingly explained, some  of which I did not hear nor  grasp, since I was distracted by the thought  of having to face the unknown and thinking of my version of the exercise. Of course  my imagination had gone wild, I sat there going through my slide show of pain, torment, screams and moans . I was told to digest the information and then make my decision . I was grateful for that  approach, great I thought to myself I’ll see about that. However the pain itself and the uncomfortable postures that the pain continued to force upon me  caused me to pay urgent attention to my options. I decided to seek out persons with experience of acupuncture. Friends, relatives any  willing informant. The experiences ranged from neutral to wonderful, the absence of any horror stories was very encouraging and I decided to take the plunge .

I arrived for the appointment at the set time, entered the space, sat down and engaged in the usual patient practitioner  exchange all the while doing the same thing  that I had started earlier, not focusing on the task at hand. A few minutes later I was fully prepared for the commencement of the procedure, this is when I started to home in on everything. My mind started running really wild this time. I had clear visions of the ambulance arriving with blaring siren to transport me to the hospital in order to retrieve a get away needle that had disappeared  deep into my body from somewhere in my back and many other similar incidents of acupuncture gone wrong. It seemed that I was (thankfully) so engaged in my images of horror that I forgot the one thing that I would normally do in any such situation, just simply express my discomfort and discontinue the exercise. Instead I  sought to fight my wild imaginations with weak images of life with a better back . It was while struggling in  this battle that I was told that the greater part of the job was done, and I was now only required to lie still and wait the uneventful end of the procedure.

Minutes passed and I had slowly returned from my horror movie, I was at peace with the situation, realizing that all was well, that no drama was forthcoming and that the faint buzzing massage  I was feeling on the target spot on my back was the closest sensation to pain I would experience . I finally relaxed and allowed myself to be still and enjoy the wonderful energy that seems to never escape my awareness when ever I visit this space. The treatment ended, I left fully satisfied. My back felt better,  I had endured no punishment, and there were no extraordinary situations . It has been a little less than a week since the treatment and my back is still progressing. I am now able to do much more without pain or awkward posture.

As my back slowly gets stronger and I enjoy the freedom of movement without pain I find myself looking forward to future treatments with a good level of ease and confidence. I thank everyone,  my sister Norma and  Diane Sinclair whose  endorsement of the practitioner really helped in a big way  and everyone else  who so kindly shared with me their experience of  this wonderful Art, and encouraged me to give it a try.


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I am from the sunny Caricom Region excited by spicy Caribbean foods. Good listener-lover of the oral tradition. Lazy - cannot get much done when there is a good book/movie,tea and warm tropical breeze. Peeved - by imitation,arrogance and callousness. View all posts by mari

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